Members Forum

The Members Forum consists of a group of volunteers, who are dedicated members of Leicestershire County Cricket Club. The Forum aims to assist the club and its Members in a variety of ways. We aim to act as a channel of communication between Members and the club. We also raise funds for the club.

Our website is

Our Twitter address is @lcccmembers

Our email address is

There are suggestion boxes near the Notice Board in The Meet, in the Fox Bar and in Reception at the Club Office. Notices are also on the board in The Meet.

Please send your email address to for further information. Your email address will only be used for this purpose.

Terms of Reference of the Leicestershire CCC Members Forum

  • To establish and maintain a forum to represent the various groups of Leicestershire CCC Members
  • To enable the club to further improve and maintain good communications with its Members
  • To make the club aware and better understand the collective views and opinions of Members on matters which could influence and affect their support for the club
  • To enable the club to advise and consult the forum on proposed developments and activities affecting Members

* If any Club member has a question or suggestion which you would like discussed at the next Members Forum meeting, please send it to Alternatively place it in one of suggestion boxes which are sited in the Fox Bar, the Meet and in Reception.